About us

Tempehhof is a family owned company based in Berlin. Tempeh is something very common in Indonesia especially in Jawa, the origin of Tempeh and where Yustina, the tempeh maker comes from. The idea of serving Indonesian Tempeh to family table in new home Berlin brings the Idea of providing also tempeh for all people and that’s how Tempehhof was born. Having a mixed family, Indonesian and Italian allow us to say that tempeh is not only favourable to Indonesian, but tempeh is for everyone, and behind all proteins and health reasons, it is also tasty and easy to cook in anyway we want.

Yustina und Francesco

Here’s what you should know about tempeh

Tempeh is a soy-based meat alternative. It’s made from whole soy beans which are softened by soaking. Then they’re cooked, slightly fermented and formed into a firm patty or block.

Tempeh is not Tofu. No! While tempeh and tofu are both high protein meat alternatives made from soy, they’re actually totally different from one another.

The first big difference is that tempeh is minimally processed using soybeans, while tofu is made by coagulating soy milk, then pressing the curd into block. Tofu has a soft texture, and is sold in varying degrees of firmness, from silken to extra firm. Meanwhile, tempeh is hearty and firm with a varied texture from the whole soybeans.

Our Product

  • Made from fermented Soybean (Others)
  • Firm texture & nutty flavour
  • Full Protein & Contain Prebiotic